This was weird

The other day, I went out for to walk the dog, to avoid everyone I tend to go late at night. As I wondered around, I suddenly noticed that a car was following me.

For those that don’t know Monkey plays pokemon Go. We had to try and catch a particular pokemon to complete a task, its called a ditto.

Poor Simon has had me banging on about not being able to catch this pokemon. To be fair, some of his advice are things like you might need to leave your flat. Silly things like that.

What has this to do with a car following me? It stopped just behind me and two policemen got out, they asked me what I was doing out and I replied trying to catch a ditto.

That is apparently not the correct answer to that question, but my original thought was what does it look like I am walking the fucking dog. I didn’t think that would go down well either.

Anyway, once they established I was not on my way to mugging anyone, they went of their merry way.

For the record simon. I did catch the bloody thing

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7 Responses to This was weird

  1. Simon says:

    It’s good to see you caught it, as usual it seems you can’t get away from everyone and trouble follows you 🤣

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  2. Carol anne says:

    weird they wanted to know what you were doing! how late do you go out walking the dog? Be careful when your out! Is it a big dog? I’d be so nervous!

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    • Its normally after midnight and while my dog is not big (think cooker spanial size) he is not friendly towards strangers, which is why we walk him so late, I think its because they couldn’t tell if I was male or female at first because of the clothes I wear to make sure its not obvious


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