Where in the world: Canada

I am thinking about starting this new series. For those who are not aware, my geography is bad, this was highlighted to me over the weekend, that despite knowing Vietnam is in Asia, roughly knowing where Asia was, I seem to think Vietnam is near Greenland. Hawaii is also not where I thought.

I seem to have the thing that everything is on the East Coast of America, apart from places like New York, which I had on the West. I shall let you guess where it is.

When I have done Skypy Friday’s I got teased for it, I know its shocking, I think part of it, is when I think of a world map, I don’t think of a globe, I think of it flat. This does not quite explain why Vietnam in my head is nowhere near where it actually is.

I have been saying, I should get a map and just place things where I think they should be and see how wrong I am.

Because I have some lovely friends over in Canada, I have been looking up the Canadian Map and got to know it fairly well, (Alaska was also on the wrong coast) I thought Canada would be a good place to start as I have recent knowledge of it.

I found a blank map of Canada, with what I thought the 10 provinces and 3 territories marked out. That would make 13 places I needed to find and try and name. I made it more difficult for myself by not having the names of any of them, other than through memory

I found 10, ok, with some I got a wee bit confused as to whether cities were a province, so just went where I thought people I know lived.

Taken from Wikipedia

I might need to keep doing a bit more research on it. Turns out Prince Edward Island is just an island. Not a whole massive place.

Next time the 50 States of the USA, you might want to buckle in for this. (Especially cause I have only just found out there is 50 and not 52 States)

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35 Responses to Where in the world: Canada

  1. Cyranny says:

    LOL I have so much to say about this, but I am at work…. Will definately come back later to comment.

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  2. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    I’m here to teach and help with your project…no more teasing. 😊

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  3. suze hartline says:

    I adore you. pretty sure that Not Canada is correct

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  4. V says:

    I loved your little map, and the spellings and how you were soooo close on some of them and WILDLY out of place on some of them. This was fun.
    Yutok. I love that so much.

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    • I was confident that it had a Y and K in it, I knew where Qubec and Toronto were but then I had that sort of exam panic and couldn’t remember which providence they were in.

      I will come back to it in a couple of months and see if I have gotten any better.


  5. Carol anne says:

    this is fun! ❀ Lol! I love your wild knowledge! xo

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  6. Good start, now for the where the heck is Wisconsin part of the program. Hint, it nestles into your Canadian map nicely. We’re under Ontario and Lake Superior. πŸ™‚

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  7. That’s not so bad especially if you haven’t visited Canada-Don’t forget about me down here in South Carolina USA

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  13. Good job on your goal, this may help with the 50 states of your next studies.

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  15. Leon Stevens says:

    Not a pass, but a good attempt. You did get the smallest province (in name, not location 😁)

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