Where in the World. USA

This week we are with the United States and their 50 (not 52) States. Two challenges this week can I name all 50 States in 12 hours, and where are they. I was fairly confident on the first, not so on the second. Cyranny, joined in with this week’s challenge, check how she did

In about an hour, I managed to get 30, I tried going with alphabetical, you can see how long that lasted. By the end of 12 hours I managed 45, but I dragged the last 3 out of no where, please forgive my spellings, hopefully they are near enough for you to be able to tell the State I was thinking of.

1.Alabama 2.Alaska 3. New York 4. Rhode Island 5. New Jersey 6.Mississippi 7. Neveda 8. Ohio

9. Wisconson 10. North Carolina 11. South Carolina 12. Florida 13. Texas 14. West virgina

15. Virgnia 16. Nebraska 17. Olkahoma 18. Hawaii 19.New Mexico 20. Idio 21. Washington

  1. North Dakato 23 kansa 24. Maryland 25. Tennessie 26. pensylvinia 27. utah 28.lousinia 29 california 30. georgia 31. maine 32. kentuky 33. illinoi 34.South Dakato 35.arkonisol 36.New Hampshire 37. wyoming 38. Arizona 39.connitcut 40. minessota 41. missouria 42. Oregan 43. deleware 44. michighan 45. Vermont

I think part of my main problem is not being 100% what is a city and what is a State, but I am fairly confident all those are States abd if you are wondering why South and North Dakota are so far away from each other in my list, is I suddenly realised it was South Dakota, so there must be a north.

Now to put them in place and hope the last 5 come to me in moments of inspiration, for this I am going to rely on my brilliant knowledge of where other bloggers live, Joan Rivers quote of “They are really dumb there. Americans are smart on both coasts, but then as you move to the center of the country, the people get dumber and dumber and dumber. And the apex of stupidity is Kansas City” The musical Hamilton, Simon’s subtle hint of the titanic left Belfast to go to New York, so which side do you think its on, Larry’s hint that States which sound the same are often grouped together and the fact the Florida sticks out like a penis.

stolen from google
  1. Washington 11. New Mexico 21. Mississippi 31. Pensilvania 41. New Jersey
  2. Maine 12. Texas 22. Lousinia 32. Georgia 42. New York
  3. California 13. Colorado 23. Wisconsion 33. Florida 43. foot shape
  4. Alabama 14. Kansas 24. Arizona 34. Maryland 44. Rhode Island
  5. Neverda 15. Olkahoma 25. New Hampshire 35. Idio 45. Indianna
  6. Utah 16. South Dakato 26. West Virginia 36. Ohio 46. boomerang
  7. Oregan 17. North Dakato 27. Virginia 37. Illinoi 47. Vermont
  8. Wyoming 18. Connictuct 28. North Carolina 38. Missoria 48. jigsaw puzzle
  9. Nebreska 19. Arkonsol 29. South Carolina 39. Delewar 49. Alaska
  10. Kentucky 20. Tennessie 30. Mon…….. 40. Michighan 50. Hawaii

As you can see I am now 3 short, I was trying to think about skiing resorts and I thought of Aspen, which is in Colorado, which I didn’t have and I remembered there was a State that was Mon, unfortunatly all I had in my head was Monteral.

For starters I was missing, iowa. Massachussets, Montanna (my mon one) and Indianna.

Just to let you have a peak inside my head, I was certain of 9 of them. 1,3,11,12,14,33,42,49 and 50, without giving to much away one of those is wrong. But I put those in first. Texas was the easiest as it is the biggest and my friend Hokey lives there

Then I went with the north and south and east and west States. As I assumed those would be together, out of those 6, I got 2 right.

Then I put everything else in. I was sort of confidence with Wisconson because my dear friend Rebecca once told me she tucked in under Canada. Rhode Island I knew was the smallest State, so I just looked for a really small State near New York. Vermont I thought was near Washington, but I also knew it was small, so I moved it across closer to where I thought New York was. Georgia I was also fairly sure on because I have met a lovely lady, Alice who lives there, Neverda and Utah, I knew were together, and I was fairly sure Lousinna and Mississipi where down south somewhere, so once I popped all those in I was left with the rest of them, which went were I thought they should be. If I am wrong, I hope you enjoy your new State.

I am going to assume you don’t know want to know how I did? You do.

Here are my workings. As you can see there was a lot of crossing out and ultimately I got 15 States out of 50 right, put it another way that is 30% and I would like to point out that is a pass in most exams.

And just so you can see for youself this is where the States use to be before I went and changed them

Next week is South America, which Cyranny is going to join in on. Rules are simple, put the countries where you think they go, don’t cheat by using the internet, but if you want to make it easier you can have a look at the list of countries. Hopefully you can download this map

Stolen from Pintrest

Feel free to use your own map and if you want a further challenge. Write a post on any country you get wrong. That might help you remember where it is in future. Don’t forget to tag this post so I see it. My one will come out next Monday.

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24 Responses to Where in the World. USA

  1. How did you forget Louisiana?!?!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Hahaha…you did very well at this. The way you simply sat down and came up with the list is very difficult to do. I had trouble coming up with your missing states. If I had to do it I would start at Maine and visualize the map as I go. I’m very impressed…way to go to both you and Cyranny.

    I’ll join you for the South America challenge.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think you might have got them easier if I had put them in alphabetical order, but my brain didn’t work like that. I did start.

      I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the South America Challenge. My problem with that, is I have only recently discovered central America, so it should be interesting.


  3. You found me-Georgia 32 also know as “the Peach State”

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  4. Simon says:

    Yeah I would say you passed… πŸ™„

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  5. Carol anne says:

    Lol trina, you did good! Well done! xo

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  10. Yay, you got Wisconsin right! I think my new favorite state is Foot Shaped. ; )

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