Monkey’s birthday

I am claiming credit for this cake, despite the fact I didn’t make it or have anything to do with it

This is what I did.

I think it was a success, although one of his presents from us still hasn’t arrived, but I gave him an IOU

It was a bit of a weird one as he couldn’t leave the flat, but he is managing so far, but he is looking forward to getting out. I might put him into an Easter club next week, but I am waiting, as my understanding of the rules in England, is he has to isolate for 10 days, however if he gets symptoms, then that is another 14 days from when the symptoms first start. I am, however, willing to be corrected on that. So I don’t want to book anything till I know he is free and clear.

He had ice cream for his lunch, and chocolate easter egg through out the day. I wish I had bought some Jelly, I must admit. Maybe next year.

A small dinner and a prayer to the Gods he doesn’t throw up.

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13 Responses to Monkey’s birthday

  1. masgautsen says:

    Looks like you made a great day for him!

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  2. I love the cake. Hope Monkey is on mend I am sorry I must have missed a post. Hugs to all of you and stay safe. 🙂

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  3. Carol anne says:

    glad he had a good birthday! ❤

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