The birthday cake, the Trina way

Get all the ingredients together, have a small panic

Mix butter and sugar, not sure how much, throw them in and pray for the best

Add 4 eggs one at a time and wonder why you have to do it one at a time

Add flour and wish you had bought an electric whisker

Get distracted by the fact its snowing outside

Put into greased tray and wonder if you have overpoured

cook in oven at 180 for 42 minutes cause Monkey put the time wrong

break up chocolate while slapping monkey’s hand away

melt over heat and add cream, wish you had wiped down the stove before taking a photo

Leave to cool

shove on top of cake, wondering where the hell the spatula went

decorate as a pokeball, well sort of.

And I am done for another year.

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10 Responses to The birthday cake, the Trina way

  1. says:

    Well done! I hope Monkey remembers that cake when he is a few years older and smiles at the memory. Those are the things that bind us together over the years.

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  2. Impressive! Looks great and very yummy. Happy birthday, Monkey!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Yum! I love cake! I hope you saved me some 😛

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