But I could do that, oh wait….

Wednesday night/Thursday morning, at midnight our internet went down for routine maintence. My main problem with this (I had a few) was they hadn’t let us know this was happening so at midnight we suddenly lost the internet, both myself and my partner were a bit confused, but he got his phone out to see if there was any problems, turns out there was and maintence work would be carried out till 6am.

My other problems, I was in the middle of finishing up some emails, which I hate doing on my phone. I wasn’t tired and I was in the middle of watching something.

First thing I thought was, I wonder if my friend would like to chat. On skype (which I don’t have on my phone) then I thought oh I could watch that thing (on a streaming service) and the killer, was I couldn’t watch a DVD on my laptop because I needed to connect to the internet to get the DVD player thing. I read a book instead, but it is amazing how long two hours can be when you don’t have the internet and how reliant we are on using if for things.

It did come back on at just after 2am, but by that point I was getting tired and didn’t end up finishing my emails. However I felt it was my little protest to stay up till it came back on, thank god it didn’t last till 6am.

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2 Responses to But I could do that, oh wait….

  1. Carol anne says:

    we are so reliant on it arent we? I really hate when it goes out! Its so boring without it!

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