And we are back to school

Well Monkey is and at the moment, we just have to cross our fingers in the hope that there is no more isolation periods. I am worried because we live in a fairly rich area, is it possible some of the families might have gone abroad on holiday, or is it possible some families have taken this opportunity to go visit family abroad for the first time in a while. But at the moment, all I can do is cross my fingers.

Anyway, this week I have been taking Monkey out and about Pokemon hunting. We have discovered some new places. Got lost a few times and my mum wouldn’t pick me up. No, I don’t care I am 39 and a parent. I want my mum to come and look after me when I am lost.

I did take photos but alot of them has Monkey in them and I don’t like putting his photo up on open media.

We followed a path to try and find some water to find pokemon that like water, we found the water

I was really excited to see this butterfly, just waiting for me to take a photo

Myself and bees do not get on at all. I respect them and won’t kill them, but they seem to have a hatred of me. So when we came across these, we backed up fairly quickly

This was on one day, the next day we went and explored playgrounds, so all my photos are Monkey on various bits of playground equiptment, even at 9 he still loves to play. Nothing at all to do with the fact his mum will play on everything as well and then tries to look like a respectable parent when adults come along.

I am exhausted, but also have to say that alot of this was due to the fact I was manic, so whooo hooo for going out and exploring. Hopefully this week of school runs, won’t be as bad as it was in March, but I have to wait and see.

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4 Responses to And we are back to school

  1. I hope things go well with school, the kids need to be there

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Awesome you had such a good time with Monkey! I am so glad you got out this week!

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