Back to no sleep

I managed to get my sleep back to at least 5 hours a night over the Easter holidays, but boom, I am right back to where I started.

I wonder how much is linked to my anxiety and how much is just in my head. I am so tired of being exhausted, I might not mind so much, but it is so hard to motivate yourself when you just want to go to sleep.

I did alright on Monday, Tuesday, I was starting to shut down again, i did all the cleaning, but then struggled to do much else.

Wednesday was much the same, I need to sort this out somehow, in my own head.

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20 Responses to Back to no sleep

  1. Ya can’t let it immobilize you. Go to the movies. Take a pottery class. Volunteer for something.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I can relate! I feel ya! xoxo

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  3. Ugh sorry! I’m in the same boat getting only 4-5 hours a night for the past 3 months. It’s been terrible. I’ve tried everything. I’m on a new med and I’m really hoping it helps. IDK. Take care!

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  4. The more you are anxious about the lack of sleep the more that you think on it and the more likely that your body is going to go in the opposite direction from the one that you want. I speak from experience although not in the sleep department that is something that I have always done well. I use(d) sleep to retreat from the world. I don’t do that any longer but it was a coping mechanism for me. And besides I have some pretty awesome dreams. I keep getting angry with my body for not doing what I want it to do. And the more angry I get the more anxious I get that I am broken the more I get stressed and that leads back to anger. Round and round I go. Not sure where I will stop. I have no solutions regarding this one love other than one of my fabulous hugs. And to show you some solidarity with regards to understanding on a different level where you are coming from. 🙂

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  5. Sol Lowe says:

    Loved this post

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