At the moment, there is a lot of news about our government being involved in a lot of corruption, to be honest with you, I am not surprised so haven’t followed it too closely. I know a former prime minister texted another minister about something and the Prime Minister promised tax things to James Dyson.

Our government are saying we were doing everything we could to get PPE, but look how well we have done with the vaccine.

Meanwhile 6 big English football clubs wanted to leave some league and set up their own league with some European teams. My god there was uproar and our Prime Minister was not in favour of elite teams being given special treatment. I can’t think why I mentioned it either.

In the meantime, news keeps pouring our how corrupt our government is, from their own ministers. Could be because they think they are untouchable, having been voted in in the last god knows how many elections despite their lies.

Maybe its because we don’t have an opposition. I mean we do have one, but it does fuck all

It could be down to the press not pressing them for answers on anything and just allowing these stories to drop.

When the future King (William not Charles) wades in to an argument about football but can’t get involved in the corruption in their own government because they can’t seem to be political, there is something wrong with this country.

Its not like these football clubs went and underfunded the NHS, education, social services, child services, libraries.

As far as I know these football clubs, did not have anything to do with trying to get hold of PPE during a pandemic and giving all their mates the contracts and certainly didn’t make decisions that have ultimately ended up killing thousands of people.

Do you know what else those 6 football teams didn’t do. They didn’t spend £2.6 million on a press briefing room only to not use it, once built, nor did they decide to paint a plane for £900,000 either, when you can’t go anywhere.

I could go on and one and yet everyone was up in arms and yet the news that our Prime Minister gave his mistress £126,000 of tax payers money seems to be ok.

What the fuck is going on???

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8 Responses to Corruption

  1. Carol anne says:

    I didnt hear all that! I do watch bbc news a lot and sky news, but I havent done lately. Xx

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  2. Personally I believe, energetically, the masses response to COVID-19 will expose corruption worldwide. Humanity is in crisis and it effects us universally on a scale scientist speak of but no one listens because they’d rather believe the way the media portrayals our existence. The truth is slowly being revealed and will continue to be until we get in sync. Our existence as we know it is shifting, dramatically. The ascension of the planets was just the beginning. It’s crazy bc I have been obsessively reading the scientific theory of a scientist in Italy and his predictions are astoundingly alarming. He begin sharing with the world via internet in 2011 but has written many books, offered as free ebooks on his site, about events that are occurring as we speak. My recommendation is to become one with yourself and hold on because it is just the beginning.

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  3. ujmcustoms says:

    The worlds awakening, Revenge of Eve is correct.

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