*Reblog* Golden Bloggerz Award…

The lovely Cyranny gave me this award, which I love, but as I am generally crap at responding to them, I tend to share them, so at the very least you can see which bloggers have great taste by giving me awards 😉

Cyranny's Cove


It has been a while, since I last got a nomination for a blogging award. I know that a lot of people prefer to keep their blogs ”Award free” these days, for various reason… They don’t like the awards, or they don’t have time for them. Either way, I understand that they are not everybody’s ”thing”.

I like awards. I appreciate when people nominate me, and unless I am incredibly busy, I always try to give the award forward!

Suzanne, my good friend from My Dang Blog chose me as one of her nominees, for the Golden Bloggerz Award! If you don’t know Suzanne already, I strongly recommend visiting her. This lady is an established writer, and shares bits and pieces of her everyday life on her blog, weekly. She always makes sure to sprinkle some of her amazing humor here and there, and her posts are never disappointing!…

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4 Responses to *Reblog* Golden Bloggerz Award…

  1. Sheree says:


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  2. Carol anne says:

    congratulations! How exciting! ❤

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