Where in the World: Eastern Europe

I was worried about this one, I live in Europe so I should know the majority of the countries, surely???

I started off by naming the countries I knew, that I now know are not in Western Europe

1. Russia 2. Turkey 3. Poland 4. Hungary 5. Czech Republic (not sure its called that now) 6. Slovakia

Right 6 down 17 to go, now to rely on my Eurovision knowledge, who do I have there

7. Serbia 8. Bosnia and Herz(something) 9. Bulgeria 10. Belarus?? 11. North Macerdionia 12. Moldovo
Really starting to struggle, I know Israel and Australia are in Eurovision as well. But I am fairly sure neither of those are in Europe

Stare at map time and hope something comes to me 11 left

Would there be a South Macerdionia, have I even spelt that right?
13. Slovenia?
Does that y country I am thinking of still exist? Yogulslavia? Shit come on
14. Croatia 15. Are those islands Cyprus, lets put that in and hope for the best
I am going to try and place them and hope for the best I think. 8 countries still to name

The countries I am missing are: Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithunia, Ukrain, Romania, Monternegro and Kosavo (sorry to all of those)

Eastern Europe numbered 1-23
From Lizardpoint.com
  1. Serbia 2. Bosnia and Herg (something) 3. Croatia 4. North Macerdionia 5. Slovinia 6. Belarus 7.Turkey 8.average size country 9. Bulgeria 10. landlock country 11. Slovakia 12. Czech Republic 13.Hungary 14. Poland 15. Big Country 16. Moldova 17. Its massive how do I not know its name 18. This is bad 19. Really bad 20. Really really bad 21. God I am shit at this 22. Russia 23. Cyprus

Right, so we already know I have got 8 wrong. Leaving me with the possibility to get 65% as it stands South America has been my worse at only 15% correct, there is no way this can be worse right? Right?

From Lizardpoint.com

Lets just go for the easy way and say what I got right. First I was really close with some of them, but I got 5 in the right place, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Moldova (this was pure luck) and Cyprus.

Altogether 21%

A couple of notes though Czech Republic is also called Czechia, I am not sure which is its proper name. It is Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Y country I was thinking of is Yugoslavia, it stopped being that in 1992 and has been seperated into 7 countries Bosnia and Herzgovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia

Suze had a go at this one, you can check it out here and if you want to see any of my other attempts, you can click here

Next week, we are wondering over to Africa You want to join in, rules are don’t google and if you want an extra challenge do a post on a country you got wrong.

There are 31 this week, here is a blank map for you

And if you prefer I finally managed to get my arse in gear and figure out how to number properly

Also if you don’t want to join in, but what to improve your geography Lizardpoint.com is fantastic and is where I am getting my maps from

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5 Responses to Where in the World: Eastern Europe

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  2. Simon says:

    How confident are you on Africa? 😉

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Lol the only eastern european country I know is poland, so you did better than I’d have done lol!

    Liked by 1 person

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