My weekend

It was a nice weekend, Saturday, we chilled and then went pokemon hunting, on Sunday we went Pokemon hunting. You seeing a theme here?

But never fear because Monkey’s other hobby lego is about to make an appearence again, I have managed to get hold of a few more peices that we needed, they are arriving in many different parcels, but they are starting to arrive now. Only something like 32 more sets to go till I am done.

This week is also good for another reason, Monkey’s afterschool clubs are starting again, he is doing netball, judo and forest school, which I gather is like scouts.

I am hoping to get him swimming again, but I am trying to ease him into it and 3 days a week doing clubs, is enough for now. He will want to keep judo, so thats fine, but I will let him see how he likes the other two.

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2 Responses to My weekend

  1. Carol anne says:

    he’s going to be busy! I hope he enjoys the clubs!

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