Triplets, no wait quads, quints? How many?

Over the weekend I got followed by a few blogs, the problem is, 3 of those blogs all have the same photo of a lovely looking lady.

Now I know some bloggers have more than 1 blog, but that is something I don’t trust, when they have the exact same photo.

Next I started noticing new blogs liking my posts, all with this same damn photo. I think I have counted at least 8 seperate blogs now with this photo.

Obviously I am feeling very loved, but come on be subtler with your spamming

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6 Responses to Triplets, no wait quads, quints? How many?

  1. That is a pretty interesting phenomenon. The blogosphere can be a weird place sometimes, but hey, it wouldn’t be any fun without the spammy weirdness. Wishing you a spam-free journey here!

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  2. Two weeks ago WordPress told me I had had my best blogging stats ever. It was one of these wierd sites liking every (yes every) post on my site — about a thousand!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    God! Thats nuts! These spammers are just a nightmare!

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