The UK Government

Lets have a look and see what is happening.

Boris Johnson looks like he got doners to pay for the refurb on number 10 without declaring it

Boris Johnson is claimed to have said let the bodies pile up high in their thousands when arguing against another lockdown. Our impartial news is reporting it as could pile up in their thousands.

Boris Johnson is said to have given the nod to a football super league just days before critising it

Lets not forget the various ministers that have recently been involved in various deals such as Matt Hancock the guy in charged of our health service, who gave his pub landlord the NHS contract to supply Covis test vials, despite the company never producing those. He now involved in a new company, owning 15% shares which was given over £300,000 by the NHS, now to be fair, he did declare he had those shares, didn’t mention its his sister’s company

Oh and back to Johnson who agree with Dyson to  “fix” concerns the businessman had over his employees’ tax bills if they moved to the UK to make ventilators at the start of the pandemic

Lets not forget our previous Prime Minister David Cameron, who seems to have gotten himself into a bit of a pickle with a company called Greensil, where he sent many texts and emails none of it through official channels trying to get them more money or deals,I am a bit unclear on it.

That is it so far, but its only Tuesday

But for my favour story of the week so far

Dominic Raab, he is our foreign secretary and to be fair to him, so far hasn’t done anything bad in a least the last 2 years (that I could find) has imposed sanctions on 22 individuals that have been involved in serious corruption cases, with assest freezes and travel bans.

In his speech he said “”Corruption has an immensely corrosive effect on the rule of law, on trust in institutions, it slows development, it drains the wealth of poorer nations, it keeps their people trapped in poverty. It poisons the well of democracy around the world.”

and that is “an additional powerful tool to hold the corrupt to account”

Here are a couple of my fav quotes from this speech

“Whatever the particular circumstances, at the heart of this lies the same debilitating cycle of behaviour – corrupt officials ripping off their own people,”

“These powers will also enable us to target those who are either facilitating or profiting from such corrupt acts. Those who conceal, those who transfer the proceeds of serious corruption and those who obstruct justice relating to serious corruption – and that won’t be limited to state officials.”

Maybe we should start looking closer to home for those corrupt officals.

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15 Responses to The UK Government

  1. Johnson is becoming a modern day Nero. Thinks he’s above the law. Look at him in Parliament yesterday and the narcissist is all there to be seen.

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  2. Sheree says:

    Oh, absolutely!

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  4. Carol anne says:

    Fucking hell! This is nuts! Ya just couldnt make this shit up! 😀

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  5. Boris is a clown why would the British public vote for a Yank with no friends and an illegitimate baby out of wedlock!

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    • Your guess is as good as mine, but I don’t think the illegitmate baby is a problem, the main problem people have with his children is his inability to not know how many he actually has, the fact one had to take him to court to be recoginised and yet he continues to push family values on to us.


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