How to help India.

Like many other people I am watching India with shock and sadness and am thinking of how to help them.

Here in the UK, we are steaming ahead with our vaccines and there is now some though, that rather than vaccinate the under 30s, we should send our vaccines to India, to help them.

Its a tough decision and I would not want to be the person making that decision, the thing is, we are not out of this till the world is vaccinated and Covid19 becomes more like the flu and something we have to deal with in winter.

There is no point one country being fully vaccinated while other countries struggle , but on the other hand, its our young people that have suffered during lockdowns, many of them have tried to go to Uni, paid the fees, some even paid for accomadation and have not been able to use it. Anyone who took a gap year in 2020 to travel have had their plans fucked.

If vaccine passports become a thing before everyone is vaccinated, then we are discrimating against them, because they didn’t have a chance to get it.

But people are dying, deaths could be avoided with the vaccine, I am not saying all, but some.

Personally I think we should, but I have no skin in this. I just think its the right thing to do, however I am fairly sure there are going to be people who disagree and would rather vaccinate our population before others.

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4 Responses to How to help India.

  1. Carol anne says:

    I agree. Any surplus vaccines should be sent to india or places where the vaccine is in short supply. Xx

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  2. Cyranny says:

    As you said, tough choices to make, for any country in a position to help. I get how people are beyond tired of everything this pandemic brought upon us, but right now, India is a huge petri dish. It seems like it is just a matter of time, before new (and potentially worse) variants come out of it, which could jeopardize all the vaccinations we’ve already done. It is one shitty situation, and there will be unhappy people no matter what our governments decide. Personally, I think that we have to think globally. If a house was on fire in my neighbourhood, I’d be more worried about putting the fire down, than fixing whatever needs to be fixed in my house…

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