Damn you CW Seed

Firstly because I can’t yell at CW Seed, I am blaming my partner because he has put him foot down.

What am I talking about? I love a tv progamme called whose line is it anyway, originally its a British creation but since moved over to the States with American comedians. Its an improv show, they get a scene and make it up from the top of their heads. (If anyone knows anything different, do not tell me)

I managed to find it on CW Seed, which the channel that makes it now, it had all the old US versions as well and I was a sort of happy bunny. The main problem being, you can’t get CW Seed in the UK,

This didn’t deterre me, most people will know I dislike technology, however, when I want to I learn very quickly about it. I learnt that there is a thing called a VPN which will let my internet connection be anywhere in the world. I wanted to be in the States and boom I was in the States happily watching my tv programme, to be honest that show probably saved what is little left of my sanity over the last year.

Then May hit, and suddenly you couldn’t get them on CWSeed anymore. 9 whole seasons no longer there. I had a bit of a search and find them on something called HBO Max, this is a streaming service, which you have to pay for, this is where my partner put his foot down. For some reason he doesn’t see the need to pya $15 (£10) a month on a streaming service that I am only going to watch one thing on, added to his I pay for the VPN and he noted that if caught, I would be banned and they would keep my money. Quite frankly I think he is being mean.

Come on CW bring it back. Pretty please

(the fact I have found them in the UK, but they are not as good quality is besides the point)

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2 Responses to Damn you CW Seed

  1. Carol anne says:

    Awww sorry you can’t watch your show! Bummer!

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