I am worried

The UK is going through various elections at a local level at the moment, whether its for the council or police and crime commisoner. I had to google what one of those is, its someone who holds the police to account, aims to cut crime, they should hold regular public meetings to discuss the publics concern. Apparently my one at the moment is an Independent, I remember voting in this a few years ago, but obviously didn’t give as much of a shit as I do now. Or I googled it two years ago and promptly forgot.

But the big thing at the moment is Hartlepool, this borough is having a by election, normally Labour run away with it, however since the last general election, when what we call the red wall fell down. The Red wall, is where the conservative hold stops and Labour hold starts. Normally they do well in the North and I think London, not any more, so this by election just after the shit show of Covid is important and should give an idea of where people’s heads are.

I don’t know alot about Harlepool, I do know is has a population of 92,000 and if the tweet that MP Nadine Dorries made a few days ago, every person has two jobs

We have the biggest death rate of Covid in Europe (5th in the world.) Corruption and sleeze is running wild in our Government. Off the top of my head at least 4 of our cabinet have been fired from various jobs for being dodgy and yes I include our own PM in that. They lie all the time in the promises that they have made, one massive example is Brexit and the £350m on the NHS, but there is so much more, food banks having increased massively in the last 10 years, less police, despite rising knife crime, less staff in the NHS, firefighters, I can go on and on and most of this is before Covid, so we voted this government in on this.

On the other side we have Labour, who are not a strong opposition and regularly have a problem with antisemitism and don’t seem to be able to say where they stand on anything and I will say the Tory party has done well with vaccines although they got the idea from a film.

But the thing is, the most important thing is, we elect these people, they work for us. We are Johnson’s boss. He answers to us, not the Queen, not his party to us.

The things history has shown us, is if people are not happy they get rid of their leaders. Look at the USA, people were not happy with Trump they got rid of him after his first term. Further back in history when the Dutch were not happy, they rioted and ate theirs, but what do the British do, we keep them in for ten years and watch and then keep voting them in.

I wish I knew why we keep doing it. There is only so long the Tory party can blame Labour for stuff, its been 10 years and the majority of people struggling is getting bigger, well the top earners (which include politicians) are getting richer.

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10 Responses to I am worried

  1. I have been wondering if Hartlepool is really such a big thing or if the media just puts our attention to it. As far as I know UK local elections are quite unpredictable and there must also be places where the Conservatives are losing to whoever might stand just no-one talks about it. Plus I have started to wonder if the UK needs independent organisations watching their elections: in Germany you are not allowed to put your vote in pencil as it can so easy be changed. It has to be a pen. I was rather dumbstruck when I first voted here and saw the pencils out. But you are right about how the Conservatives manage to stay in no matter how unethical they behave. We are wondering about that too. Happy Thursday despite everything 🤗😊

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  2. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Sounds like the same story we have but with a different accent. I dont know why politics corrupts anyone who gets elected. Maybe it’s just too easy to get away with stuff being one? I dropped my party affiliation and vote independent now. Don’t know if that helps, but it does makes me do more research.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    I’m not a fan of politics! Its too corrupt! I don’t trust any of them! They’re all liars!

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