*Reblog* Do your f’ing research

oh wow, just wow, talk about fuck up

Just Vee Cause

Yesterday, the CTV Morning Live show for our city had a story about how you save and prepare for baby and all that you need to think about during this pandemic. It was a very bubbly story about how wonderful and beautiful it is that families are using this time in history to expand their families and how kids are such a blessing.

Apparently, someone who works for CTV didn’t do their research when they pulled a ‘stock image’ from the internet to use for their piece. Next to ‘5 things to consider as you financially plan for parenthood’, the station decided to use an image of Chris Watts and his family to showcase a ‘happy family’.

Haven’t heard of Chris Watts? Lucky you. To fill you in, Chris Watts (the man in this photo) brutally murdered and disposed of the bodies of his pregnant wife and two young daughters…

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1 Response to *Reblog* Do your f’ing research

  1. Carol anne says:

    Lol some news shows dont research their stories at all! This is proof of it!

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