Ouch that hurts

I had a fairly shit day yesterday, which ended up with me in bed till gone 10pm.

I am behind with everything now, which makes me more anxious and at 2am I was debating whether to sleep or clean the kitchen.

However, when I logged into my blog I had recieved this message

This blog reeks of cringe. Sorry Thalia Willaims. Gotta disagree. This is a pathetic place to be, no one cares about blog creator “itsgoodtobecrazysometimes”. Someone had to say it. Good day.

Thalia Williams is the person who last commented on my about page, so not only did someone take the time to write this amazingly lovely message, I know its not a bot, because they took the time to name the person who last commented.

Not only that, but they spent some time setting up an email account to do so, I know this because it initially puzzled me as the name is itsgoodtobecrazysometimes, so I wondered why I was calling my blog pathetic.

I would like to take a moment to thank the creator of said message and I appreciate the time you spent in setting up an email and commenting on my blog. I am not going to allow your comment through my spam, well done you did get under my skin, unfortuantly I am not going to allow you any more brain space and you can fuck off to beyond and then when you get there, you can fuck off further and then spend some time thinking about what has gone wrong in your life that you have spent time doing all of this. Just to piss me off? I could get really personal with you, but I find that when you wallow with pigs, you both get dirty but only the pig enjoyes it.

I also find arguing with you that you are wrong is like playing a pigeon at chess, no matter how the pigeon is doing they will strut over the chess board like they have won.

I could keep going, but I just wanted let you know you have achieved your aim, in my 6 years of blogging I have been very lucky and you are my first shitty comment, I gave both of your comments headspace because of this, the second one less so as it made no sense. But also I am damn pleased with myself that I have pissed someone off this much they took the time to find me to comment, if you wish to let me know what I have done, that would be lovely, I think I know who you are, but I have managed to piss alot of people off in my 39 years.

To everyone else if you have a comment from me, that doesn’t sound like me, and its from gmail, its not me.

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16 Responses to Ouch that hurts

  1. I had two comments like that last year with regards to one of my erotic poems. LOL did not know I even had received the first one. The second one came through to my email and it started off by apologizing for the previous email. So before reading I went over into my spam and began to read.
    I did not get far when I realized what it was and deleted both without going any further. Wrote a poem about it and left it at that. These pathetic beings have more time and less knowledge than they like to believe. That is why we have strong huggie friends like me! 🙂

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  2. Sorry this happened, Trina! I think some people like these mind screwing games. This person does not know a thing about you and is full of excrement. You are a leader, you are a kind person and you do a lot to fight stigma against the mental health community. I think you are great. Don’t let one scurvy opossum’s backside get you down!

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  3. mydangblog says:

    Oh wow, you’re not going to believe this but the same thing happened to me yesterday and I’ve already written my post about it too! But mine was from J.K. Rowling, and the person clicked on everyone who had posted a comment on my About Page. What the absolute fuck?!

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  4. Ami says:

    Sorry to read this Trina, some people are just very sad! Sending lots of love to you 🙂

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  5. Carol anne says:

    what a fucking idiot! Trash, scum, trash it!

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