No one could be that stupid

When looking back on British history, specifically English history, when the population start complaing and unrest starts happening, one of two things happen. Either a royal wedding announced to bring the British public together.

Or we start a fight with another country.

At the moment, there is a lot of unrest going on here, whether its BLM, Extinction Rebellion, anti masks and lockdown, women’s rights. I agree with peaceful protests. I don’t agree with destorying things for the sake of destorying them and then getting into a fight with a shit ton of police.

But either way people are not happy, I don’t think anyone is really happy at the moment, the UK is far too divided and we are all not happy about different things going on in our country (one might think that this would be down to the government that has been charged for 10 years, but I have been reliable informed its not their fault, its the government before that)

Anyway, so the best thing we could do is a royal getting married, but we have run out of those. There is no appetite for anyone unless they are direct inline to the throne. Anyone else (Prince Andrew’s daughter for example) they pay for it themselves and the hardlines royalists can go hang outside. William and Harry are married with families of their own, maybe go down a generation. Prince George would be the oldest there, I am not sure of the feeling of the public if they announced they were marrying off a 7 year old.

That means royal weddings are out, leaving the second option. Having a war is never a good idea. I am sure our Prime Minister is not that stupid. I know he is trying to be a second Churchill, but there is no way, maybe he can harness Covid as a way of saying we were at war?

Looking at the news I could be wrong, first off we have 2 of our Navy boats sent to Jersey to face down the French, This was because of Brexit and fishing and electric (France threatened to turn their electric off)

More worringly though we have Ireland, specifically Northern Ireland. I am not an expert in this, but I do know a hard boarder, which was promised not to happen, is a fair certainty to happen, bringing back the troubles.

I feel calling it the Troubles is downgrading it, there was a lot of deaths, violence and people are still fighting for justice now. We can’t go back to that, I was a child at the end of it and I still remember it and I was living about as far away as you can get, although very close to an army base.

Maybe he might get his war afterall.

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6 Responses to No one could be that stupid

  1. Tangie says:

    Great lesson

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  2. Larry M Hoke says:

    Things are scary as hell all over. I can’t believe what’s going on in Israel right now. What’s that all about?? Certainly, hope cooler heads prevail in the UK.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Hopefully not! It would be madness! I hope there wont be a war!

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