One for once its not my brain

For those that don’t know, we are in a second floor flat, below us is a family with 2 children and underneath them is a single woman.

I want to talk a bit about the single woman, I am aware she has problems, I am not sure what problems they are, I assume mental health problems, however it is getting to the point now where those problems are impacting us.

She has taken to screaming outside her door, multiple times a night, starting from 11pm till 5am in the morning. She also yells loudly while she is in her flat, it sounds like she is moving her flat around from roughly 1am till just after 6am and recently she has started to banging the pipes with something.

This has now been happening every night for the past few weeks, it did happen before but happened once and then it was quiet for a few weeks or months. Something has certainly ramped up.

Because of this between myself and my partner are maybe getting 3 hours sleep a night, so God knows what the family downstairs are getting, as they are obviously blocking some of the noise hitting us. I can cope with not sleeping because my brain is fucked, I can’t cope with just dropping off and being woken up and then spending another 2 hours trying to sleep only to be dropping off again and being woken up again, usually in a massive start.

After the first week, where I was thinking well maybe she might quiet down again and she hadn’t I started contacting various authorities, not just because I want my sleep but because this is not normal for anyone and its getting to the point that when she is quiet during a night, I am a bit worried, experience has taught me that generally when people with mental health problems go silents, that is when you start worrying.

However, what a crock of shit it all is, I tried mental health services, who said I needed to call the police, the police said they couldn’t do anything I needed to call the mental health team. I tried adult social services, but as I am not a member of family, there is little I can do other than make a report than my neighbour is yelling, which as it is causing a disturbence I should call the police. You seeing where I am going with this?

She has recently done something which has given me a different route to go down, she is pilling up all her rubbish outside her door. Its a 5 step walk to the bins from her front door, so I am not sure why she is doing it, but you wouldn’t be able to open the door without it caving in and you certainly can’t get in and more importantly, you wouldn’t be able to get out in an emergency, chances are in case of a fire it would start in the kitchen which if her flat is designed like mine, is by the front door (this is bad for me, as I am on the second floor, so I am screwed if I have a quickly spreading fire) but she has a back door, however still a fire risk and also the rubbish is a health issue, so I have made a report with environmental health. I am hoping at some point, someone is going to help her and secondary I can get some sleep, but she can’t be in a good place at the moment. I am also hoping other people have made reports, it can’t just be me, well I hope not.

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4 Responses to One for once its not my brain

  1. What a mess. Can the landlord do something because she is disrupting the other residents?

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  2. Carol anne says:

    what an awful situation! You’ve done all the right things! There really is no more you can do! Xx

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