Ask and you will recieve

I had just finished typing this post about having nothing to talk about, when I suddenly heard a dripping, this was not good news, I walked into the kitchen just in time to watch the water pipe leaking away happily.

At the time the washing machine was going, so I shoved a bucket underneath the pipe, while swearing to myself.

As soon as the washing machine finished, I thought I am a strong independent woman, so tried to fix the damn thing, for long term readers, they will know this is not a good idea.

I may have made it worse, at which point I texted my partner to let him know the pipe was leaking, while leaving out the critical information that I had made it worse, I mean why worry him with irrelevant detail.

Unfortunatly he couldn’t fix it either, so its a phone call to the landlord. Which is going to take them weeks to sort out.

Unless I buy myself a u bend and fit it myself, but my partner is keeping a close eye on me doing this for some weird reason.

At the very least it will keep us all entertained for the next few weeks.

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7 Responses to Ask and you will recieve

  1. Carol anne says:

    Oh no! I hope its fixed soon, and it wont take weeks! That will not be good! xoxo

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  2. says:

    Can you turn off that one pipe? All sorts of ideas running thru my mind to offer but probably won’t help. Can’t imagine why your ll is so damn slow getting it fixed?

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  3. mydangblog says:

    I’ve personally done my own plumbing repairs. I did a shit job but at least I tried:-)

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