Where in the World: Western Asia

This week we have come to western Asia, I am going to say that my knowledge of Asia is roughly in the same level of Africa, maybe a little less, so this should be very embarressing

19 countries in all, lets see what I know off the top of my head

Straight off I am going to say 1. Palastine 2. Israel, I think I am going to have to look at my map to see what it covers as I am uncertain if any of the countries might be considered as Easterm Asia, or Europe.

3. Turkey 4. Cyrpus 5. Jordan 6. UAE 7. Iraq 8. Syria 9. Saudia Aribia 10. Yeman 11. Iran 12. Oman? 13. Georgia 14. Azaberjan (sorry about the spelling) 15. Armenia

I am pretty thrilled with that, although I will say Eurovision has once again helped, especially with those last 3

So which four did I miss out 1. Lebanon 2. Bahrain 3. Kuwait 4. Qatar

Lets place the ones I did get right

  1. Cyprus 11.Iraq
  2. N 12. Saudia Arabia
  3. Palastein 13.
  4. Israel 14. Oman
  5. Armenia 15.
  6. Turkey 16. UAE
  7. Jordan 17.
  8. Georgia 18. Yenman
  9. Azaberjan 19. Iran
  10. Syria

How did I do?

This is really very exciting out of the 15 I could name I only got 6 in the wrong place, which were Armenia, Jordan, Georgia, Azaberjan, Syria and Oman so all in all 47% which considering I didn’t think I knew any of them is pretty good.

Next week, Is the rest of Asia. 32 countries in all. Here is the map if you want to join in, Just one rule don’t google

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7 Responses to Where in the World: Western Asia

  1. Considering this region is so often in the US news, I should know the geography better than I do. Such a cool challenge. I’ll admire from afar… 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I’m so embarrassed. I never knew half of those countries were in asia!

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