Weekend catch up

I had a really good weekend all in all, on Saturday, our farmers market came back, Monkey loves this place, he has two favourite stalls, the hotdog place and the homemade (very expensive) Cupcakes.

I knew it was going to be busy, so I was not looking forward to it. And it was, my partner is working in town center near to the market, so I timed it as well as I could to when he finished work but that so Monkey could still get his hotdog.

It took a shitload out of me, so on Sunday, I took the day off, Monkey and my partner spent the day playing games and watching star wars films, while I wondered in and out and caught up on emails and did those little things that I have put off this week, however I still need to sort out Monkey’s clothes.

Monkey would come in and tell me about the film they were watching (I was not watching in because I cant stand star wars) then he helped me cook a sunday roast.

It was a good weekend, but we still got very little done, hopefully next weekend. Maybe.

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4 Responses to Weekend catch up

  1. Cyranny says:

    Did you get your olives?

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  2. Carol anne says:

    it sounds as if it was a great weekend! Hope this one is just as good!

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