Well that is a day completely bollocksed up

Tuesday did not go well, I didn’t sleep at all. Meaning that by the time I was meant to take Monkey into school, I was dead on my feet, so instead my other half did it.

I then had to pick him up in the afternoon, which increased my already massive anxiety, my partner did offer to do it for me, but I am determined to fight through it.

However, the whole day was wasted, in the sense I got nothing done, no emails, not cleaning and no sewing.

Which makes me, you guessed it even more anxious, so as I write this, its nearly 11pm and I am working my way through the emails, having finished the cleaning, hopefully I am going to sleep tonight, as I think I only had a few hours throughout the day, everytime I closed my eyes I started getting panicky at all the things I should be doing.

If I can finish by 1am I will be happy and should be able to sleep with only the normal anxiety that doing the school run brings

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6 Responses to Well that is a day completely bollocksed up

  1. You are not alone with sleepless nights, I believe you will be fine tonight and get back on your sleep cycle

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  2. Good night, hope you sleep well.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Join the club! I can empathise! I hate the nights like that!

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