*Post Share* Skypy Friday #186

Last one for the weekend share and its a bit different, (my weekend share, my rules)

About a year ago, a blogger who I had been chatting to decided to try and get a group of bloggers who follow her together, while we were all going through this pandemic, I must admit I was a bit reluctant to join, but in the end thought fuck it.

That blogger was Cyranny and it started out on a Sunday. Then she changed it to a Friday and we had a bit of a giggle together and since then we have become very close friends, but thanks to her I met Jay-Lyn, another Canadian, but not a French Canadian like Cyranny, who has dipped in and out.

I also go to know Simon a lot better, another Brit. I feel his hobby is saying something about the UK government, winding me and then watching me go. Simon, unlike me has responsiblities, so can never stay too long.

We were doing good it was 2 on each side of the Ocean, then Suzanne joined in. Suzanne is also Canadian, 3 for the Canadians 2 for the Brits. We still all had a giggle, especially when Suzanne tried to sign off Skype.

By the 4th week we had lots of people, but I met a great man, a Texan, he does have a hat but no horse, which ruins by whole view of Texas, but as was explained he doesn’t come from Texas so doesn’t have to have the horse. Larry is lovely and I have learnt alot about the US government from him.

I can’t remember when he joined in, but Larry from New York joined as well. Larry doesn’t say much, but when he does, he talks about what he knows.

Recently Alice has come to join us, thanks to her I know where Georgia is.

3 from the States, 3 from Canada and only 2 from the UK, I need another one.

I know a few other people have dipped in and out Yinglan is one, the main point of this, is to big up Cyranny for doing this, it really has improved my weekends.

But also its a year since she started and we need a massive party, so if you do want to attend (especially if you live in Britain) then yes I know its late at 11pm. But it is a bit of a giggle and you will be most welcome, so just keep an eye on Cyranny’s blog for the link and come and join us next Friday for the year anniversary (well less 2 days)

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10 Responses to *Post Share* Skypy Friday #186

  1. Cyranny says:

    Thank you for the great shout out, Fab! What a year it’s been, right? I really wonder how my sanity would be doing without our little Friday gang! Thank you for daring to join in that first time!! Now you’re stuck with me forever LOL

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  2. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Couldn’t be happier about that last part. It’s been fun and thank you for the invitation. Looking forward to another year. Yeeehaaa to all my fellow Skypers!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    some weekend I’m definitely coming along for the ride! ❤

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  4. Simon says:

    Thanks for the mention – I thought my methods of winding you up were going unawares… Oh well. In my defence you are funny when you go and you go full steam. As for last week s picture, I’ve looked again and I can’t think what it is :-D… apart from the obvious 😀

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