Where in the World: Eastern Asia

I am in Eastern Asia this week, 32 countries in all. The thinking process behind this, is name all the countries that haven’t been featured yet. Lets start with the obvious

  1. China 2. India 3. Japan 4. Singapore 5. South Korea 6. North Korea 7. Thailand 8. Vietnam

8 down from the top of my head 24 to go,

I know there are what I term as the Stans, but I also know my spelling is terrible

9. Turkmenestan 10, Kazakstan 11. Uzbeckastan 12. I am sure there is another T stan

lets have a look at the map and see if that jogs my memory

13 Pakistan 14. Nepal 15. Butan 16. Twain. 17. Bangladesh (is that a country) 18. Indonsia 19. Afganastan (don’t think I have said that) 20. Mongolia 21 Russia (embarresed it took me so long)

I think I am done, I can only think of another 2 countries which I haven’t named and neither of those are in Asia, but 21 isn’t too bad, I bet I have missed off some big ones lets try placing them and see if any more come to me. They didn’t, so after placing them all, I have gone back and checked which 11 countries I missed

  1. Kyrgzstan 2. Maldives 3. Sri Lanka 4. Myanmar 5. Laos 6. Cambodia 7. Malaysia 8. Phillipines 9. Brunei 10. Timor-Leste

I know all but about 2 of those so yes I missed some big ones, and yes I realise I have said I missed 11 but there is only 10 named, turns out number 14 on my map is India, nop I didn’t realise either

  1. Russia 11. Bangladesh 21. Thailand 31. South Korea
  2. Kazakstan 12. Napal 22 32. Japan
  3. Turkmeinstan 13. India 23
  4. Afghanastan 14 24. Singapore
  5. Uzberkstan 15 25. Indonsia
  6. T-Stan 16 26
  7. N 17 27
  8. Pakastan 18 28
  9. Mongolia 19.Butan 29. Taiwan
  10. China 20.Vietnam 30. North Korea

Lets see how I did in placing them all, this is the big one

I didn’t do too bad, out of the 21 countries I named, I only placed 6 wrong, those 6 are Turkmenstan, Uzbeckastan, Nepal, Butan, Bangladesh and Afghanastan.

Number 6 which I named T-Stan I have given myself a point, but for fairness its Tajikistan

48% which I don’t think is too bad, how do you think you would do?

I just wanted to add a note, that while I have called it Eastern Asia, it is not East Asia as renxkyoko has rightly pointed out in the comments, have a look at her comment, as she gives specific detail which I was not aware of it. I have also corrected a bit at the start where I did call it East Asia, but this is wrong, as East Asia is a tiny bit of this. Thanks again to Renxkyoko for pointing this out to me.

Next week is Oceania, I am confident of two. Want to join in? One rule don’t google, if you would like an extra challenge do a post on the country you get wrong

I get all my maps from Lizardpoint.com. Its an amazing website, go check them out

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32 Responses to Where in the World: Eastern Asia

  1. I did ok on all except the “Stans”

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  2. Trina, thanks for the great geography review! Have you received website visitors from Mongolia and Kazakstam?

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  3. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    I would have missed 2-6, 12, 17, 24, 26, & 27. All of those “…stan” countries always did confuse me. That’s a tough part of the world to keep track of for sure. The next section will be tough as well.

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  4. Carol anne says:

    I’d have gotten about 10 of them! Lol! Not good on the countries in asia!

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  5. renxkyoko says:

    East Asia consists of Japan, South and North Korea, China and Taiwan.

    Southeast Asia —– Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Timor, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, all member countries of ASEAN , Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

    South Asia includes India, Nepal, Pakistan , Bangaladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.

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  6. nokbew says:

    You do not have to go under quarantine in corona times?

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