Weekend Catch up

I had an amazing weekend, I saw my mum for the first time in months. We had a really good gossip and then myself and Monkey went on a mammoth pokemon hunt.

We have gotten to the point where we have the majority of pokemon and are now reliant on trades to get the ones we are missing, but that doesn’t stop us looking for them.

On Sunday, we had a bit of a chilled day, my partner was off so we spent it as a family chatting occassionally, there is a new TV programme on called The Masked Dancer, Monkey and I love trying to guess who the people are, we are terrible at it, but that doesn’t stop us trying.

As its half term this week, we have plans, which involve lego and pokemon and Monkey has plans of playing minecraft, so he can do that while I do the cleaning and then we can go out and go hunting, plus continue to sort and tidy his lego.

Have a good week

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6 Responses to Weekend Catch up

  1. Sounds like s wonderful weekend! So glad you saw your mum. Have fun Pokemon hunting.

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  2. Enjoy your time together, happy you got to spend time with your Mum.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    awww! how nice you got to see your mum! Glad you and monkey had fun!

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