I just don’t get it

Anyone who knows me, will know that even though I am under 40 (just) and grew up with computers, I don’t like them. I know how to use them, but I am lazy in my knowledge, its not that I can’t get it, its that I won’t.

However when I want something, I will find a way to get it, preferably for free.

When Monkey asked me to get him a specific pokemon, I went googling and found it is only available in New York. Great for anyone who lives there, bad for someone sitting in the UK, in the middle of a pandemic who has no money to get there.

There are a few options.

  1. Hope I bump into someone from New York or has been to New York and has a spare
  2. Cheat

I discounted the first idea, as I am not meant to bump into anyone. pandemic, social distanting, type thing.

Lets go with option 2. Back to google, oooohhh there is a way. This is called spoofing. From what I gather its like how a VPN works on a computer, but its not, I need another phone because Pokemon don’t like you doing it, something about it being against the rules and I don’t want to get our account banned.

Right, well lets have a look and see how you do it, it has something to do with rooting, old versions of the play store, GPS and various other things. I have watched the you tube videos, read the instructions and I still don’t get it.

Now, Monkey is very good at technology, but I don’t want to involve him in cheating, apart from anything else he has very strong morals, he once demaned I call the police on my mum because she was driving 3 miles over the speed limit. No, he does not get that from me.

But I really want these damn pokemon.

Added to all of this my partner has said buying another phone just for a game is taking it a bit far.

I told him to start saving for a round the world ticket, First class of course

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4 Responses to I just don’t get it

  1. KShai1715 says:

    Next time I’m in NY I’ll do it lolol!
    My brother lives there, I used to go to NYC a lot. Haven’t been in years.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Lol! Spoofer! 😀 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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