Trina Inquires 4/6/21

Do you think governments are more accountable with the invention of the internet or do you think it means they can spread misinformation easier?

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4 Responses to Trina Inquires 4/6/21

  1. says:

    There are a couple ways to look at accountability. If you look at the gov’t being accountable for its own actions and only putting out the truth, then hell no! If it allows other watchdog groups to monitor and fact check gov’t “speak”, then I would say yes. By the same token, the internet is a great place to apply the theory of “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bull shit.” I think it is all too tempting to float or blatantly put out policy statements that mislead. I think we saw a lot of that in our last election.

    BTW, my hands aren’t shaking too bad today.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I think with the invention of the internet, they have more of a platform to spread misinformation!

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