Where in the World: North America

We are back where we first started in North America, this time I am going to try the whole continent. Should be fairly easy till I found out it wasn’t just 3 countries and infact, I am not sure if some of these are countries under the UN definition, but it should just be the countries I have not named yet. Hopefully

  1. Canada 2. USA 3. Mexico 4. Greenland 5. Jamaica 6. Puerto Rico 7. Bermuda (don’t think I have said that yet) Starting to struggle now, so I am going to have a look at the map.

OK, so there is only 11, I had it in my head there was 14. Is Cuba one? I am going for 8. Cuba 9. Haitai 10. Baharmas? Is that one country or a group of them? come on one more, nop, its not going to come to me

The missing one is Dominican Republic

Lets place them. Fingers crossed I get at least 4

  1. Greenland
  2. Canada
  3. USA
  4. Mexico
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. Bermuda
  7. Baharmas
  8. Haiti
  9. Jamacia
  10. Cuba

So the ones I got wrong are Jamaica, Puero Rica and Dominican Republic 72% that is not too bad.

Just a few notes on this, there seems to be a whole load of confusion as to where places are and according to my friend C, this map is stupid. She pointed out that so far, I hadn’t mentioned the Cayman Islands and she is right on this one. I am not sure where they go, so I have included the whole Map of the Americas.

So that is the whole world I have now covered, the question is, have I learnt anything, so on that basis, I am going to go again. Start with Canada

Last time I managed to name 10 (sort of) and placed 5 correctly. Weirdly thinking about it now, I am not sure I can name 10.

If you want to join in, only one rule, don’t google

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9 Responses to Where in the World: North America

  1. suze hartline says:

    okay, so you were right about greenland being included. BUT, N Am has only FIVE countries. You have included Central America (which is an entirely different thing) and left out St Pierre and Miquelon, up near Canada. Greenland was included back in the 70’s it seems, long after my education in geography. I know your maps all come from the same place, (can you see my eyes rolling yet? lol) but…central America is it’s own thing.

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    • The Carribean is in North America. Central America contains al the countries in that box, bar Jamaica which is just on the North America tectonic plate.

      St Pierre and Miquelon is an odd one technically if I counted Greenland I should have counted them, but for some reason the maps I use decided not to, however with that in mind I will email the website and ask exactly why that is.

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    • Sorry Suze should also say Central America is infact part of Northern America, but since it is referred to so often as Central America I decided to keep it seperate, it only had 7 countries in it. I did a post on it 😉

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  2. Saskatchewan is one of the ones I know for Canada, because I did a report on it in 6th grade! Don’t ask me details, I do know its shape.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    I did not even know cuba and bahamas and them other countries were part of north america, I had it in my head it was just the US, canada and mexico!

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