Feeling chuffed with myself

Yesterday, I made the decision to go out for a walk by myself. I didn’t want to push myself too far as I had to pick up Monkey as well.

I set off any hour early, headphones in, head down looking at my phone, while hunting pokemon. I picked a route I knew. I managed to do a whole hour just going round by myself, which is massive, but to be fair I have managed before, but then I went straight and picked Monkey up.

From there we went to a park near his school and we stayed there for close to an hour. By this point, I needed to go more people were turning up, I think Monkey was ready to leave as well.

Unfortunatly by this point, I was getting irratable and tired.

But I did do it, I spent close to four hours out of my flat, close to 2 of those on my own, it was ok, I didn’t have a panic attack, I didn’t run home (well till the end)

Today, I have taken Monkey to school and will be spending the rest of the day in a fort. Might try and do the same thing tomorrow, I will see how it goes.

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4 Responses to Feeling chuffed with myself

  1. Good for you! Brave and good exercise.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Yay, so proud of you girl! This is fabulous news! 😀

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