Where in the World: South America Round 2

We are back with my where in the world series, last time I named 8 right out of 13 and placed 2 correctly. Giving me a score of 15%

Lets see what we can do

  1. Brazil, 2 Chili (can’t forget that again) 3. Suriname, 4.French Guina, 5. Guyana 6. Venezuala 7. Columbia 8. Argentinia 9. Bolivia 10. Peru 11. Ecuador 12. Paragua 13. U something, I know its not Uganda. Ur its not going to come to me. Lets try placing them

The country I was missing is Uruguay

  1. Brazil 2. French Guiana 3.Suriname 4. Guyana 5. Venezula. 6. Columbia 7. Equador 8. Peru 9. Chili 10. Argentinia 11. U 12. Boliva 13. Paraguay

For the record on this 14 on the map is the Falkland Islands, Lets see how I did.

Out of the 12 I named, I placed 10 correctly and I am pretty pleased with this, as after the first time, I spent a lot of time studying this map after completly forgetting about Chile.

Next Map is Central America

There are only 7 countries, I will try and change the map, but 7 & 8 here are the same country. I have high hopes for this one. Hopefully this one will be my first 100%

If you want to join in, only one rule don’t google, if you want to check out my other posts, including those post of the countries I forgot you can click here

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8 Responses to Where in the World: South America Round 2

  1. Yay! Good sweep of South America. Chi-le!

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  2. Carol anne says:

    clever girl! Go you! ❤

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