A bit of a disappointing weekend

And no I am not talking about the football, on Saturday the plan was for Monkey and my partner to do charity shop runs, after the first run, he couldn’t find anywhere else to take the rest of the stuff.

But at least I have started getting my bedroom back, we still have to empty out the cupboard downstairs, so we can get to our bikes and scooters.

Sunday, plan was to do Lego in the morning, which was started and we are starting to reclaim Monkey’s room from the lego. In the afternoon we were due to go on a mammoth walk, walking round alot of pokestops.

First of all, I realised we were going to need a lot more time than we had, we managed to get to his school, which is a 20 minute walk if you go the normal straight forward route, but because we were taking side roads and having to stop alot it took nearly 2 hours.

We then had to head home, not because of the time constraints but because Monkey split his shorts and there was no way I could do a quick fix of them, his whole thing was he could hide it by pulling his tshirt down, but when you can see the whole of his underware that was not an option, so we had to cut it short, we managed to do alot of what we wanted and will head out early on Saturday to get everything else done.

I am feeling miles better now, so just trying to keep the momentem going on it.

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2 Responses to A bit of a disappointing weekend

  1. Carol anne says:

    Woohoo yay for feeling better! Sorry the weekend didnt go completely to plan, though. xoxo

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