Oh Jesus

It has been announced that on the 19th July, covid restictions will lift in England. Our leader has said it will be up to the public to manage the risk, wear facemasks where appropriate, social distance all up to us.

Ok, so for the majority and unsociable amongst us this is going to be easy

These type of people though, I wonder how they remember to breathe.

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8 Responses to Oh Jesus

  1. At least he didn’t insert it lit end first.

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  2. Wow just smh…..we are still a bit away from the removal of masks. Today we are to hear what new easing of restrictions there will be. Not though that it will make a difference to me because I like my quiet time at the end of day. )

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  3. Sheila Moss says:

    We do not have to wear masks anymore, however, I started wearing mine again. Even though I’m vaccinated, we are hearing about cases going up again due to that new Delta variant. There are too many people out there that refuse to get a vaccine and save their own life.

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  4. Carol anne says:

    We are still wearing masks in ireland, and I don’t intend to stop for a while yet!

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