Today’s Plan

I barely got any sleep last night, my partner took Monkey into school for me, but I had forgotten so woke up at 8.30 in a massive panic that we were late and then couldn’t get back to sleep.

Because we are going to be so busy this weekend, I am planning on setting up the weekend share and maybe some posts for next week today, along with catching up on all my paperwork.

Monkey breaks up on Monday, so trying to make phonecalls when he is here is really tough.

I am also probably going to have to have a nap at some point this afternoon, just to get me through the evening, but I may try and survive till after I pick Monkey up.

I think I am almost caught up with everything, but any time left I am finishing off sorting the lego and starting on Monkey’s room. I want a massive clear out of the flat again and we are slowly getting through the charity stuff we have here, so I will make a brand new pile, because Monkey has grown since I last did it, so I have no doubt he has more clothes he has grown out of.

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4 Responses to Today’s Plan

  1. Carol anne says:

    sounds like a great day! I hope you got a nap in!

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