A bit behind but worth it

Its all going to get mixed up and upside and trying to catch up with things today and probably for the next 6 weeks. This post is very much pokemon related, just to warn you.

First of all our weekend, it was loads of fun, myself and Monkey took ourselves off just after 9.30, we took our time doing all the stops, gyms and pokemon catching we needed to and made out way to a cafe to have an early lunch, which was the size of a massive lake. Monkey ate his and then started on mine.

We then made our way to the skatepark, no one was there so Monkey had a whale of time running up and down the ramps. Then onto the first park, when we were just finishing up, we realised we were running low on drinks, so we had to take a wee detour to find a shop, then moved onto the next park, which we stayed at for over an hour to give me a chance to catch up on Pokemon, do any tasks we needed to do, while Monkey (who at this point was still not tired) ran around in the playground.

It was really hot as well, so keeping him, well hydrated and smothered in suncream was really important. We pushed on into town and loads of pokestops, finally I got to the my pub and had my glass of white wine, by this time, it was gone 6pm, from there we stopped off at the last park and to stock up on balls, gifts and potions (trust me these are important)

We finally arrived home at around 9.30, I think we caught over 400 pokemon in all, possibly more, but I had to keep deleting them everytime we stopped to make room, I know it was over 200 because we had a task to catch 200 in a day.

That was Saturday, Monkey was thrilled with our progress, we did everything we needed to do to prepare for Sunday, which was basically raid day.

To sum up raid day, you find a group of friends and you fight a pokemon to try and then catch it. This weekend was a big weekend, bacause it involved pokemon we didn’t have. A lot of them. My first problem was that these raids included what are called regional pokemon, so you can only get in specific countries, there were 3, one in Oceania, Asia area. One in Europe and one in Northern America. Since this was only happening for one day, I needed to make friends and get them to invite me to these raids, That was easy enough, after all I am a very likable person.

But it also meant staying up till 12pm Australian time (not sure where abouts in Australia my friend was, but it was 2am my time) it was around 3am I managed to get my first regional pokemon. Then managed to sleep for a little bit, till 9ish, when I started to prepare for what was going happen.

This basically involved me sitting on my arse with snacks and drinks round me and a list of the pokemon Monkey wanted (and also what we needed) at 10am it started and it was carnage, but I did get everything I wanted, I think 24 all in all. It all started to wind down at 6pm, but then I needed to get prepared for the Northern American regional pokemon, so my day continued. Finally managed to get that one as well. I had a very happy Monkey,

I will say Sunday was far more exhuasting than Saturday, even though we walked nearly 6 miles in the baking heat on Saturday, Sunday was more mentally exhausting.

However, we are all done for now, got a shit ton of new Pokemon and I can relax, but I can’t as Monkey is breaking up for the summer holidays and the weather is looking good. My posting maybe a bit weird for a while. However I am sure I will catch up,

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6 Responses to A bit behind but worth it

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Whew! A full weekend of fun! I know basically nothing about Pokemon, but my grandkids like it. So nice you and your son can enjoy this game together. In future years this is what he will remember, that his mom played games with him, gave him attention and love in his childhood. ❤

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  2. What a big time had, congratulations , it sounds like you collected a bunch

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  3. Carol anne says:

    gees, a lot of hunting and catching pokaman!
    so glad you and monkey had so much fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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