So what else is going on?

Nothing, nothing in my life, I wake up watch the Olympics during the downtimes I am catching up on the cleaning, today, I am trying to catch up on my paperwork, cause you know what….

My partner has been offered a new job, this is a weight off my mind and he starts after the Olympics is finished. Win win for me.

I now need to sort out our budget and get on top of the bills that we need to pay. I still may be slightly screwed comethe 1st when some bills come out because it has taken over 4 weeks to sort out his JSA, which for the record still isn’t properly sorted, nor is the housing benefit, or the tax credits, just a shit ton more reasons why I need to get myself a job to get off these damn benefits because I swear to God most of my anxiety over the last 2 weeks has to do with money and not getting any money coming in, because they haven’t updated anything.

But anyway, new job, new start, probably not going to be paid till the end of August, but should take the pressure off slightly with us. Maybe, lets see, its been a shitty 6 months with never knowing when or if money is going to come in, so this should give us some stability, just a shame it comes at the end of the summer holiday, but maybe we can still get to the coast so we can catch a certain pokemon.

But I still have a week of Olympics and Monkey is really getting into it, as I type this we are watching the womens 5000m, I think team GB is 4th at the moment.

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7 Responses to So what else is going on?

  1. Darlene says:

    Good news but your partner’s new job. Enjoy the Olympics!

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  2. Glad to hear about your partner’s job! Hope the next 6 months will be much much better!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    So great your partner got a new job! Congratulations to him! I hope he likes it and it’ll be nice not to have anxiety over money!

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