I wish my sleep would sort itself out

For those that have followed this blog for a while, know that I barely get any sleep, my insomnia has been bad for so long it has now become usual.

Up till now, my body seemed to have decided that is has had enough of my brain and they are fighting over my sleep pattern.

So far I have had been awake till 6am, getting up at 10am, falling asleep at 6pm, then waking up at 2am or varients of that recently, I put this down to trying to watch the Olympics live, but recently I have been falling asleep between midnight and 1am and then waking up at 8.

That is between 7 and 8 hours sleep with no waking up, which is really unusual for me. Normally I wake up every few hours, but not over the last few days.

Admitiddly I haven’t always fallen asleep in the most comfortable positions, as my body just seems to stop and goes. When that happens I normally wake up about 4 hours in pain but then once I am lying comfortably I am fast asleep.

However, I am still exhausted the next day, as in worse than when I have had no sleep. No idea what that is about, however hopefully I will stillbe getting a decent amount of sleep by the time Monkey goes back to school

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12 Responses to I wish my sleep would sort itself out

  1. Sheri Dye says:

    Ouch.. that’s hell on your body and mental health. I have insomnia myself and it’s rough when you can’t seem to get any actual rest, whether you get “sleep” or not.
    I hope you don’t mind my asking but.. Have you tried or considered melatonin? It’s natural.

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