I always had this plan

To live by the sea, where abouts changes whether it be in the Scottish highlands or the Welsh coast or even south England. I have always ignored the fact that I might never be able to afford it, if I put my mind to it, I knew one day I could do it.

When I first got with my partner I realised that I would have to push my plan back a wee bit, because of his son, going up to the Highlands was never a possibility. Maybe down South, but even then, we would go from being a 15 minute drive to 3 hours away, so I put my plan to one side, waiting till he was 18.

Then we had Monkey, there is 3 years between them, meaning when my stepson is 18, Monkey will be 15 and be doing his exams, so on hold for another 3 years. That was fine. However as my stepson gets closer to being 18, I am starting to realise, that it might be a few more years.

I had this idea in my head the kids get to 18 and you chuck them out into the real world, lets face it that doesn’t happen. Either boy could go to university and then we still have the whole if one stays down here and I move (I am assuming my partner would come with me) up North to my nice beach, it is going to be tough to see them and I think the pandemic bought this view into a sharpe focus for me. You couldn’t see your parent in another town, let alone 300 miles away, The chances of another pandemic happening in my lifetime is low, however if I am prepared for a zombie attack, I need to keep in mind that this might happen.

So now I will leave it for my retirement years, plus side it gives me chance to save or to win the lottery to make it happen. If I do win the lottery, I will just hire a helicopter to see the kids.

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4 Responses to I always had this plan

  1. Its ok to wait until retirement years, then the kids can get on a helicopter and come visit you 🙂

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  2. You and me both with living by the water. Lately I have been feeling like I want a change but I do not want to move unless I am moving into a home by the lake. 🙂

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