When is a holiday not a holiday?

When your Prime Minister goes away with his family to the West country, with no aids and insists that he will be working the full time.

My advice to you is go to your boss, tell them you are going to the beach/mountains/city that you like, with your family/friends, but its not a holiday, you promise faithfully you will be working the whole time, so it can’t come off you holiday entitlement, because you promise you will be working.

Remind me again why the British Public haven’t sacked this shit show yet?

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4 Responses to When is a holiday not a holiday?

  1. Well, it’s not as if there are any emergencies or pressing matters for him to worry about, is there?
    Covid? Let Sajid Javid and the NHS sort everything out.
    Afghanistan? Dominic Raaaaaab is perfectly capable of continuing to screw that one up.
    Refugees and Immigrants? Priti Patel knows who to pi$$ off.
    PLUS, the other worthies of the cabinet are all experts at talking big and delivering nothing.
    With regards to the Great British Public 😱🤬😱

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