Week Catch up the back to school run

This is the first full week Monkey is back at school, I must admit on Friday I didn’t do anything, other than the basics, I sat and enjoyed the quiet.

Then I discovered a problem, the school has stopped social distancing, and it is fucking awful to go collect him from the school gate, I can’t get through to the front of the school because its so busy, it took the weekend just to recover from it and that was only the first day.

I did hope that Monday would be better because Friday was the first day, so parents would all want to be there, Jesus was that a mistake, our problem is, my partner can’t pick him up, he can do the drop off if necessary, but he is at work till 5.30. I am going to try and give it till the end of the week, before insisting he goes to after school club, so I can avoid the main part of it. I even was a wee bit late to pick him up, in the hopes it wouldn’t be so bad.

I think the thing is, the people who get their early, then can’t get out because of the amount of parents still trying to get to their kids. If I keep counting down the days till Friday and then we are going to discuss what to do further, we also need to wait and see what afterschool clubs he has, so that might make it a wee bit better.

In the meantime, I came home yesterday and slept for four hours. I barely get that at night, to give you an idea of how exhausting I find it. I miss people social distancing for me

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8 Responses to Week Catch up the back to school run

  1. Carol anne says:

    God! I am sorry it was so exhausting! Glad you rested yesterday for a few hours! X

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  2. Maybe things will move along after the first few days

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