Whats that I hear?

Another government promise breaking. Surely not, not this truthful, lovely government, who have put everything before themselves? I just don’t believe it.

If you didn’t read that in a sarcastic tone, you have missed a track. Despite promising not to raise NI contributions, they have agreed to…… Raise NI contributions.

NI is national insurance, is pays for our social care, such as care homes, they have also said that care is going to be capped at £84,000, which means people have to go into care homes, might not have to sell their houses.

This is all sounds great but both our government pension and our social care operates very similar to a ponzi scam, so my parents paid for my grandparents pension and care through their wages, I pay for my parents, Monkey will pay for me. The problem with this, is our population is getting older, so more to pay out, soon there is going to be nothing in that pot, I might get lucky and there will be enough for me, but there is not going to be enough for Monkey.

At this rate, he is not going to be able to afford to buy a house, go to uni, have kids or retire. He is going to be able to work, thats about it.

The reason why the NI hike has annoyed me, apart from the fact the government has broken at least 2 promises on this, one would be the big red bus saying if we left the EU our health service (which includes the care side as well) gets £350 million, that was proven wrong near enough straight off, but people still clung onto it. Is that they are saying well its only 1.5%, that is roughly an extra £20 a month, do you know that is my electrical bill for the week.

I wonder how the people that have to go to food banks now are going to afford their electric for a week? The other thing is pensioners don’t pay NI, workers do.

One of the other things is the cap, £84,000 may sound like a lot but in a care home, it builds up quickly, the problem is if pensioner A lives in my neck of the woods, their house on average is about £601,000, the average house price in somewhere like Lancashire is £180,000, this is not levelling up like this government promised, yet another promise broken.

There are 968 days left till the next general election, unless its called early. Lets hope the British Public remember, the lies, the deciption, the corruption and the utter utter bullshit.

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6 Responses to Whats that I hear?

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    Gee, in the US most people pay for their own private health insurance. Old people (65+) have Medicare, which is inexpensive and pays 80% of most healthcare. As far as a care home for old people, no health insurance covers it. The exception is long-term insurance which pays something, but it is very expensive and most cannot afford it. You lose everything you have, savings, home, etc to pay for nursing home care. If you have nothing to lose, Medicaid (welfare) picks up the tab. Medicaid has become the last resort insurance after everything else is gone. We do have social security, a small pension plan for elderly. Of course, nursing home care eats that up quickly. Our health insurance system is a total mess. I’ve oversimplified here, but you get the picture.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    wow Trina, thats bullshit, sorry they’ve increased NI again, sucks!

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