I am getting there

I decided to declutter our flat, it doesn’t really need it much, but it gives me an excuse to spring clean the whole flat.

Finished Monkey’s room on Wednesday, 1 massive bag of rubbish, 5 bags for the charity and 2 bags for him to sort out.

Now, before anyone says anything, if I do it all for Monkey then he is just going to keep expecting it, (this was my partner’s point of view) but he still has to sort stuff out, he just doesn’t have to do the hoovering, also I don’t want him touching my hoover, knowing him, I would wonder away and in five minutes flat, he would take it apart to see how it works. I am not risking my hoover.

The rest of the week, I am going to try and sort our room, I am sure my partner doesn’t need clothes.

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7 Responses to I am getting there

  1. Carol anne says:

    Go you good going! Enjoy the spring clean! xoxo

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  2. You are teaching Monkey responsibility by making him do the sorting. As for the hoovering well I only let T when he was 11. Much like you I was not thrilled with the idea that he might take it apart before I got back. So I gave him the small crappy one and he used that. Now I let him use the good one. lol 🙂 I only maybe do a full clean sweep in T’s room once a year and dispose of everything. Garbage etc. 🙂

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  3. Sheila Moss says:

    Yah! That is great that you are decluttering. I did a bunch of that last Spring, but gave out when the heat of summer came. I still need to do the attic when it cools off. There is no a/c up there and it can get really hot. It is hard enough keeping things decluttered for adults. I cannot imagine trying to do it with a child.


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