Touch wood it seems to be going well

Yes, I still have tomorrow to go, but this is the first full week back, Monkey has gotten to school on time, I have been up and ready to go, albiet today was a blip, but we still got there in time.

His room, is all tidied and I am doing mine today, I have done extra exercising as well, just some sit ups to get me going but I am desperate to get my fitness levels up, I want to get to the point, where the walk to and from doesn’t make me exhausted, whether that is through exhaustion or just that I am really unfit.

I have also got into the habit of having a shower when I get back, I usually have them in the evening, but as we only have the one toilet, even a quick 5 minute shower, normally gets some one at the door asking me how long I am going to be, so I like being able to do it when no one else is here. It also seems to calm me down alot, I don’t really want to do 2 a day, but its something I am considering to see whether I am still exhausted and wanting a nap in the afternoon.

On that note, I have managed to avoid sleeping in the afternoon for the last few days, I think that is a good sign, maybe means my anxiety is calming down, took a lot less time than normal and I am not getting the overwhelming anxiety when leaving the house, just an unsettling feeling and once I have gotten Monkey, I am going back to calm fairly quickly.

All in all it seems to be going well, maybe this time next year I will run the marathon

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6 Responses to Touch wood it seems to be going well

  1. Slow and steady wins the race. So proud of you. ::)

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I am glad your feeling calmer, and the exercise is helping. A hot shower always calms me right down too! Now if only I could get my sleep schedule back on track, I’d be sorted!

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