Oh just sod off

On Wednesday, I heard a knock at the door, I ignored it, I wasn’t expecting anyone, I didn’t want to see anyone, although because I was curious I did check the peep hole. Looked like a sales man.

He knocked another 2 times, you would have thought he got the message, by this time, the dog was going nuts, so I answered it. 15 minutes later, I am still standing there, going I am not interested, I don’t want it, I don’t care I am not interested.

He didn’t seem to take my very subtle hints, so in the end I went, look, I have a shit ton still to do, I have to pick my son up in a bit,

His reponse, well this will only take five minutes,

No mate, this has already taken 15 minutes of my time saying no, I keep saying no, I am not interested, now sod off.

With that I shut the door, I believe he called me a rude name before walking off. I get he has a job to do and he knows nothing about me, but it is bloody exhausting, talking to a stranger, when you are me and not drunk, still having to do the school run. However, I do wonder if I had been a man, whether I would have had the same bloody problem.

I complained about him to the company. Mainly for calling me a name, but also because of the damn hard sale after saying no.

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6 Responses to Oh just sod off

  1. suze hartline says:

    good for you! Make a non soliciting sign and post in upon your front door. then if an idiot shows up, simply point to the sign and slam that door in their face!

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  2. mydangblog says:

    Do salespeople still come to houses? I haven’t had one of those in years. And now especially with covid, my first reaction when someone knocks is “Who the hell is that?!” Unless, it’s Amazon delivery:-)

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  3. Carol anne says:

    You did the right thing complaining him! I would’ve done the same!
    Sodding salesmen!

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