Ummmm, I am not sure

Recently our government has just had to deny the fact there is going to be a lockdown in October.

Apparently it was leaked from a top source in Westminster that this was something the government was look at.

First off, the possibility of another lockdown at Christmas, is not something I want, or anyone else, but I am mainly thinking of me here, its a common theme on my blog.

However, it would be sensible surely, to look into something like this, just on the off chance, England have had far too many closing the gate after the horse has bolted moments over the last 20 odd months, I don’t think it would be a bad thing to say, yep something we are looking into, however its not something we are anticipating, but we want to be prepared for anything.

Nop an outright denial, now I could link to a few of the posts I have done, where something is leaked on twitter, the government deny it and then they do it anyway a few days later, but you would be here for years.

As soon as I saw the denial, my first thought was, better stock up then. Maybe, just maybe this government might prove me wrong.

I am dealing with a government with people like our educational secretary, who thought this guy

This is Marcus Rashford, he is a footballer

with this guy

This is Maro Itoje, he is a rugby player.

I do wonder, how some of them remember to breathe. One of them campaigned on free meals for kids in poverty and the other is campaigning for ministers to close the digital divide. He met Maro in a meeting about the digital divide, so even if its not anything to do with racism (and with this government it probably is) Gavin Williamson, even didn’t bother to figure out who was who in that meeting and didn’t know what the meeting was about.

For the record this is Gavin Williamson, 😉

Really a picture of another minister

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2 Responses to Ummmm, I am not sure

  1. Carol anne says:

    wow! Another lockdown? After they made such a fuss about reopening and all? Well I hope if there is that it won’t last for too long!

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