Where in the World: Comoros

I got to say, I know nothing about this country, so its going to be interesting to learn a little something about it

  1. The Comoros is officially the Union of Comoros it is an island country in the Indian Ocean, it does share borders (maritime) with other countries Madagascar and Mayotte to the southeast, Tanzania to the northwest, Mozambique to the west and the Seychelles to the northeast
  2. It is 3 main islands, Ngazidja, Mwali, Nzwani and then numerous smaller islands, the name of the country comes from the arabic word for moon,
  3. It is one of the poorest countries in Africa, with more than 40% of the population living under the poverty line
  4. Most of the islands are volcanic and on the main island Ngazidja the highest point is Mount Karthala, which is an active volcano
  5. They have three official languages Comorian, Arabic and French
  6. While it is one of the least populated countries in the world it is also one of the most densly populated countries in the world
  7. Comoros is the largest exporter of ylang ylang and essential oil. Not heard of it? Its used in a lot of fragence oils
  8. It has a zero policy for drink driving
  9. You start education at 6, and only have to be educated for 6 years
  10. One of the traditional music is Comorian traditional music.

Did you know anything about this country? If you are from there please say hi and correct me if I am wrong on anything

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2 Responses to Where in the World: Comoros

  1. Carol anne says:

    good to know so much about this awesome country!

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