This is going to be interesting

Our Prime Minister had a cabinet reshuffle, basically what one of these is, is he fires the people that have pissed him off, mainly for getting caught doing illegal shit and he keeps the ones that haven’t either been caught, or I am reasonably sure in the case of a few of them, keeping people on, so that its not an all white party.

Because our Home Secretary needs to be fired for the dodgy meetings she has been having and yet there she stays.

Anyway, my fav has to be my MP Micheal Gove. I have a great relationship with him, well his secretary, as he now refuses to answer any emails or letters.

Yep I send letters to people I either really like or really want to annoy (if you have ever had a handwritten note from me, I will let you guess which side you fall on)

In this time of social media, its so easy, to turn your phone or your laptop on and then tweet/facebook email someone to say you dislike them, but writing a letter, putting into an envelope, finding a stamp, going to a postbox and sending it, I feel puts in the effort, to say you have pissed me off so much, I am will to go the extra mile to make you read what I have to say. Don’t add sparkles if you send it to someone important, you may get arrested for it.

Anyway, my MP use to be the Chanecellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Do you know what that means? Nop nor do I, it seems to be very much like Bailiff of the Chiltern Hundreds, a cop out

What I do is any problem that I go to my MP for, I get a lovely email sent back (or letter) saying thank you for you comments we will bring this up with the minister of xyz.

However now he is the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. Which is great because I have loads of things on this, like why do I pay the same amount of council tax (local tax) for my 2 bed flat than say, someone in a 6 flipping bed in the middle of London. That sort of thing, or maybe why is acceptable that in one of the richest countries in the world (at time of writing) do we have 100,000 households homeless, which is now only going to get worse and does he know what a community is, considering the amount of community sources that have closed down in his own consintuency.

Now I am sure, my letters are not going to make a blind bit of difference, other than maybe a source of annoyance, but I am that petty it will be worth it.

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6 Responses to This is going to be interesting

  1. I’ve heard that when someone sends a complaint letter there are at least 3000 people who feel the same way, but haven’t bothered to write.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Keep writing! It will make a difference, it has too! Xx

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