Well this is an unusual position

I got to around 6.30pm on Thursday and realised I had nothing to do, well I say nothing, I still had lego to sort (yes I am still doing that) my sewing to do and I really should be cleaning the hall, but all of that I had scheduled in my head to do tomorrow, so I am not sure if they count.

Anyway, everything else is all done, all the cleaning, I have an empty washing basket (well the washing machine is on) I have spring cleaned the bathroom, including having my head down the toilet scrubbing it. All emails were done, posts scheduled. I had even sorted out all the pokemon stuff I had to do.

What does someone do when that happens. Well they just chill and wonder what the hell is going on.

I know it seems like I do very little at times, but it take so much mental energy still to do the school runs, and when I am down something simple like doing the washing up exhausts me. So I am going to take this, give myself the evening off, as we have a busy weekend coming up (including spring cleaning the lounge)

I think this is giving me a lot of hope for the future, I am as chilled as I get, and mentally in a very good place.

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2 Responses to Well this is an unusual position

  1. Carol anne says:

    yay! hopefully you enjoyed the evening. Its nice to be free and to relax. X

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